Mr. Bond's Campaign

A Devil of A Time
Enter Garganick: King of Conception

<meta />Our last adventure saw our group raiding the spoils of Cultana’s kitchen: a perfect displacer beast’s hide and a run-of-the-mill staff from her would-be frozen meals.  After stabilizing Baranif, the group showed him Cultana’s horde, of which he requested only one gold coin.  With Meecham satisfied, the group made their almost uneventful journey back to Twobrook. Shenanigans ensued and poor Daedalus was bamboozeled, rendering him utterly drunk at the hands of a mischievous Fraser and a well meaning Hodric.  He was dragged along with the group as they proceeded to investigate a mysterious rash of pregnancies in the area.  

Upon meeting some of the impregnated victims, Hodric sensed a disturbance in the force.  Inside the bellies of those women are infernal spawn.  While Hodric struggled with whether or not to make this known to the woefully with-child women, Daedalus lolled drunkenly and Staircross alarmed both mother and onlookers by speaking infernal at the maid’s pregnant belly.  When there was no answer from within the womb, only offended looks from Karmen, their clues led them to the house of the deceased Kao.  Our group split, with Pavu and Hodric headed for the Adventurer’s Guild, a woefully drunk Daedalus in tow, to do follow ups on information while everyone else investigated the house.

Staircross, ever vigilant, heard noises coming from within the residence.  Upon closer inspection, there was a bearded devil inside, along with a summoning circle.  Creating the image of another devil, Staircross deceived him into divulging the name of his summoner and stalled him with talk of manscaping.  (Turns out it’s more difficult than you may think to get that devil-may-care look.)  While the infernals prattled on, Fraser looted the abode, not yet satisfied with the fancy snuff box filched from Tolem’s mansion.  Once the group was rejoined by Pavu, Hodric, and Daedalus, back from the Adventurer’s Guild, the jig was up and fighting ensued.

After taking care of the bearded devil,  our group rested during a less-than stealthy stakeout, attracting odd looks from neighbors.  Luckily enough, they were not noticed by Garganick, who opened the door and startled a sleepy Hodric into casting Turn the Faithless.  His cover was blown, exposing Garganick’s identity as an incubus, and he fled as fast as he could, though without escape.  Bound and wings broken, he resorted to charming Pavu, who effortlessly freed him of his restraints.  Will our loveable, love-struck leviathan snap out of it, or will she manhandle her measurably more miniscule mates?  Join us next time to find out!

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