Starecross (Tom)

The eyes and ears of a paranoid wizard


Tiefling Rogue

Arcane Trickster Archetype
Criminal Background (Spy)

Passive Perception: 12

Magic Items:
Cloak of Protection
Rope of Climbing

Wish List:
Cape of the Mountebank
Deck of Illusions
Tome of Leadership and Insight

Mage Hand
Blade Ward
Vicious Mockery (Racial Feature)
Detect Magic
Silent Image
Disguise Self

Light Crossbow


Nobody knows much about Tom Starecross and he does his best to keep it that way. For the present he gathers information for his employer, a wizard terrified of being bettered by someone else’s magic. Though he seems to be the one taking orders, Starecross is nevertheless in full control of his own actions and destiny. He’s picked up more magical abilities of his own than his master might like to know, and is especially interested in magic of the illusion-type. Starecross has his own ambitions, but it would take the strangest, strongest magic for anyone to find out what they might be.

Starecross (Tom)

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