An estranged scion of the Enclave's royal family.


Level 5 Eldritch Knight
16, 9, 16, 14, 14, 16
18 AC (plate), +6 to hit w/ Halberd.
Fighting Style: Tunnel Fighting.
Familiar: ‘Icarus’ usually in the form of a leucistic Raven
Feats/ASI’s: Ritual Caster, Warcaster

Magic Items:
Immovable Rod, Ring of Jump


Growing up in mansion of the Enclave’s ruling family is pretty sweet until one grows old enough to realize that their older brother will plot their death to ensure his hold on the throne.

Well, forget that, I have left to make my own wealth through adventuring.

Still, leaving means losing my slot at the wizardry and artificery college. Also, the necessity of mingling with rabble. But these are small burdens to bear in the quest for glory.

Personal Sidequests:
Quest for Nobility: Reclaim Enclave Throne, or Start Own Noble House.
Charity: Cambion Orphanage at the Tossed Hog.
Magical Power: Gizzak, and Acis Isoal, fellow wizards?
Dragons: Seek out good dragons and gain their trust.


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